Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Haul-over Wednesday

Watsons is definitely my favorite “drugstore” but now First Aid is coming in closely at second place. I was looking for a mirror to use in my bazaars last Sunday. MB and I spotted one at Forever21. It was heart-shaped. I’m not a huge fan of hearts so I was feeling so-so about it and it was Php306. I think it was too expensive for a mirror. But it was also the perfect size. MB said to look for more as he knows that I don’t like hearts. So we went to First Aid at Greenbelt and found these mirrors. The Maybelline stuff, I got yesterday.

maybelline and mirrors, by hyphen

The mirrors are, are you ready for this? Php149 each! So affordable! You can adjust the mirror to 45 and 180 degree angles. I saw two kinds of mirrors. One was taller. I asked the SA about it and she said that the mirrors are adjustable. When I asked MB to assemble them, turns out, the tall mirrors are a different model. Oh, well. These will suffice.

On the other hand, I thought I was over my Maybelline phase but I guess first love never dies when it comes to makeup. I was intrigued with the Eyestudio Crayon Liner so I got one in black and one in brown. I was impressed with the Maybelline gel liner so I’m thinking that this will not disappoint me. Fingers crossed. Then, I went on to the Clear Smooth blushes. I love the texture! And I love the color even more! It’s so unique! This is Fresh Apricot. There are 4 variants including this – Fresh Rose, Fresh Coral and Fresh Berry. I want to buy Coral and Berry. Rose was too blah for me. It was too normal. If this turns out better than my Angelfit blush then I would really be impressed as this only costs Php189 while the Angelfit Blush is Php429.

Next on my list are the other blush shades and the Stiletto Mascara. I was feeling blah yesterday and a bit stressed out. This haul made me feel better.


  1. Great haul! I've never seen the Eye Studio Crayon Liner before. The Clear Smooth blush is very pigmented. :) Maybelline has lots of new makeup launched this July! Saw it on their FB page. :)

  2. hauling always has a positive impact on us girls. LOL! x) i haven't gone to first aid yet. i think i only go to greenbelt to eat LOL! xD i will check it out the next time i'm there. =)

  3. i have that mirror too. the oblong one. its really affordable.

  4. @sugar sugar
    me too, i never knew First Aid actually until this blog (Probinsya attack)
    only watsons reach our land. hihi

    im loving the mirror.been on the lookout for an affordable mirror for my room..saw one on japan home just circular, didn't get it.when i returned. no more mirrors on stock.. bad bad..

    pati ba naman ikaw sis meron.. hu hu.. inggit mode

    maybelline always gets me curious but i'm not so sure on supporting them due to their animal testing.

  5. The good thing about buying Maybelline at First Aid is, you get double points if you have a Bench Loyalty Card and a Maybelline Empire Card. Woot!



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