Friday, July 8, 2011

Would you wear this?


This is a Christian Louboutin pair of “ballerina shoes”. The heel is 8 inches high and the shoes were designed for the English National Ballet. Of course, the inspiration was ballerina toe shoes. This was auctioned off at the ballet’s fundraising Summer Party in London.

To quote the master,  “I could not help being inspired by English National Ballet… after all…isn’t the classical dancing ballet slipper the ultimate heel? The heel which makes dancers closer than any other women to the sky, closer to heaven!”


  1. ermmm... if i wore those i can probably stop traffic in edsa. whatchathink E? LOL! 6'4 na ko nun! x)

  2. LOL ng marami sa comment ni Sugar! Stick to flats please! hahahahaha! di ba may movie na ganun? ung parang giant woman taking over the city? hahahahaha!

  3. I would want to, but I'm pretty sure this pair will kill my legs. Baka hindi na ako makalakad after!

  4. i am so lampa that i stumbled and have dislocated my knees 2x, so ill pass up on this one and stick to flats.

    this is more lady gaga than lady stapler :(

  5. nakakatawa mga comments nyo! LOL!



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