Friday, July 8, 2011

Hey, Miss Tangerine!

I could have sworn I already made a review about Etude House’s Miss Tangerine line but for the life of me, I couldn’t find them! So maybe I was just imagining things?

Anyway, orange is a color that I will never wear but it is a color that I will gamely wear on my nails and on my face.

miss tangerine, by bitsandtreats

The Miss Tangerine line is not all orangey. In fact, I got a lipstick that is hot pink:

ms tangerine lippies, by bitsandtreats


ms tangerine hot pink lippie, by bitsandtreats
hot pink

ms tangerine orange lippie, by bitsandtreats
orange that doesn’t look like orange on my lips

This is the nail polish trio that my cousin C and I absolutely love! But you know, the problem with EH nail polish is that they thicken quite fast even though I don’t always open them.  I already knew that based on experience but I just couldn’t resist this trio. It looks so pretty! So I think it’s good until it lasts.

etude house ms tangerine nail polish trio, by bitsantreats

I haven’t been to EH Mega in a while and I hope they have new products when I visit. The only major force in my life that’s making me buy stuff from Etude House is Sugar. Oh, yeah! You're guilty!


  1. I'm not keen on orange clothes as well, must be because they remind me of prison overalls. But as orange seems to be the trend nowadays, I got myself a red orange top, not exactly orange orange. Gradient nails seems to be "in" too. Although, there are a lot of bloggers who recently sported pink nails.

  2. Cute products!

    I really want to get into the whole orange trend but I have yet to find a product that suits me. I hope the trend doesn't pass until I do.

  3. sis, bakit hindi pantay nails mo?

    I'd sport the nails not the lipstick, too bright for me or I'm not that of a daredevil yet when it comes to bright lippies~

  4. kasi naputol ung nail ng pointing finger sa pagluluto, ung middle finger sa pagbbazaar. wahahaha!tama ung length ng ring and pinkie! bagay kaya sa iyo ung bright lipstick! ung mga tipong mac candy yum yum or NARS Schiap!

  5. hardworking hands kasi.

    lols, ewan ko. hehehe.

  6. Ang tagal ko na ring di pumapasok ng Etude House. Di ko pa rin nakikita yung Aloha collection! Haha :)

  7. oh no! there's an aloha collection? now you've really done it Kari!



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