Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Pretty Brush but…

it just does not work for me.


This is the Leona Lewis for The Body Shop Kabuki Brush. I bought this because it looks so pretty. I also liked the soft bristles. The problem is the flower shape. When I use this kabuki brush with my loose powder, the powder does not get distributed evenly on my face. The powder gets concentrated on just one part. Instead of moving in one direction, the bristles are just everywhere and get stuck. I’ve also used this to apply powder foundation with the same results. I will try to use this to buff out blush. I think then it would work, fingers crossed.


Right now it just sits pretty on my vanity. I’m very disappointed with this buy. I felt like I wasted money.


  1. Sorry to hear that it doesn't work well. I think it's really pretty too and I wanted to get one... I guess I'll skip it then.

    1. It's not exactly a cheap brush so yeah, just invest your money in another kabuki brush.



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