Saturday, November 30, 2013

Asian Secrets Lulur with Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract


This is Day 6 of my Project Stop & Splurge … and this is a scheduled post. In reality, today is Friday and we will be going to the mall in a few hours. I need to buy a few essentials for my baby such as bottle cleaner and food bags. My husband also asked to buy him some refill cartridges for his razor. Boy, I sure hope I won’t buy anything unnecessary..

Anyway, on to today’s topic. This is the 3rd variant of the Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub. This has licorice and mulberry leaf extract. I don’t exactly know what these two ingredients do for you but I like this scrub. I can really smell the licorice. It has the same effects as the other two. I liked the original variant the best but when I tried this and now this variant, I changed my mind. I like the blue one best then this one and then the original variant.

I also noticed that the rubbing alcohol scent of the blue one is gone.It now smells really good.

I have a few TBS scrubs and I’m alternating them with the lulur. TBS scrubs are good but these lulur scrubs offer both quality and affordability.

What’s your favorite body scrub?

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