Thursday, November 21, 2013



I’ve been meaning to try STREAMCREAM for the longest time but I still have a ton of lotions in my stockpile that I keep putting off buying it. One day, I was at Beauty Bar and needed some retail therapy as I was having a rotten time and I decided to just go ahead and buy one tin. I’m sure glad I did!

I got this one as it’s my sign.


There are many designs in Beauty Bar but I settled on this one. I can always go back for more. If it didn’t work out, at least I can still use the tin can.

What is STEAMCREAM, by the way? Well it’s a handmade skin care product made in the UK and Japan. It uses high-quality natural ingredients that are fused together using a shot of steam. The result is a very light cream that feels so luxurious on my skin. You can use it for your face, hands and body. I’m scared to use it on my face as you know I have very sensitive facial skin so I use it on my tummy. If you’ve never given birth, you wouldn’t understand my situation. My skin was stretched out too much when I got pregnant and even with all those creams and lotions and anti stretch marks stuff, I still got ‘em. Aside from that, my skin became ridiculously dry. I am afraid to put just any product on my stomach as I know it’s still healing inside but STEAMCREAM is light enough so I didn’t have to worry.

This works really well. The stretch marks are still there but at least my skin is no longer dry. I use this every night after I take a bath.

I had a problem with this tin though. After removing a few layers, I found these:


Can you see the foreign objects in the cream? I don’t know if they are strands of hair or some sort of a splinter from a stick but they’re there. It also had some black dots in it. I reported this to STEAMCREAM and they said they will take action.

This incident did not turn me off (well, it did…just a little). I will continue using STEAMCREAM and I’ll probably try using it as a lotion when summer rolls around.

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