Friday, November 29, 2013

Choco Goodness!


I got this with the Chocomania special set that comes in a heart tin. This is the body scrub version.

If you love chocolate, oh my… You will fall in love with this! It smells sooo good. I felt like I’m using chocolate cake batter for my body scrub. The scrub beads are bigger than lulur’s but it’s okay. They didn’t hurt. My skin felt itchy though just after a few minutes. I usually let my scrubs stay on my skin for a good 5-10 minutes. This did not even reach the 5 minute mark so I quickly rinsed it off. The second time I used this was better. No itchiness there.

This lasted me for 2 uses. Will not buy again although it has amazing moisturizing properties (didn’t need to apply lotion and my skin still felt soft in the afternoon). I just don’t like the thought of applying “chocolate batter” on my skin. = ) Besides, I still have a ton of scrubs to go through.  So really, no reason to buy any scrubs whatsoever.


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