Monday, November 25, 2013

Project Stop & Splurge

When I gave birth, my priority was my son. I set aside my needs and made him number one in everything. This included stopping shopping for stuff for myself. I think since he was born, I only bought fewer than 10 items for myself and they were mostly toiletries (which if you are a shopaholic do not count because they are essentials; *naughty grin*).

Anyway, we are planning a trip on my birthday in February so I was thinking last night and I thought of undertaking 2 projects. They are Project No Baby Buys and Project Stop & Splurge. As the name suggests, No Baby Buys means I won’t be buying stuff for my baby (except the essentials, of course, like milk and diapers). Stop &; Splurge is for me. I was planning to buy a few things for myself for Christmas this year but decided against it. I will just save my money and then splurge on my birthday. So basically, I stop shopping now and splurge on my birthday. = )

I wonder how long I will last. I’m betting a long time because I was able to do it for almost a year now but then again, my shopaholic alter ego was satisfied because I was still shopping stuff for my son. Now I’m on a ban. No everything so I guess this will be hard.

I have set a few rules for myself during Project Stop & Splurge:

1. I will not buy makeup unless I run out of something I really need.
Right now, I have everything I need but my foundation stock is running low. My BB cream is running critically low and my Paul & Joe liquid foundation just won’t cut it when I travel. I’m scared to bring the pot with me. Transferring a small amount to another jar is out of the question so I might buy foundation either before I leave or when we go on vacation.

2. I will not buy new clothes.
This is easy for me as I haven’t done so in a long time. I can survive with what I have. I can wait until my birthday to get new clothes.

3. I will not buy new bags.
I made an inventory of what I have the other night and I found some pretty good stuff. I will try to use them until they wear out which is something I’m used to. When I like a bag, I use it until it gives out.

4. I will not buy new accessories.
This is going to be hard for me as I looooove accessories. Even though I cannot wear them right now because they might hurt my son when I carry him, I still stock up on them. I have a ton of accessories that I haven’t used yet.

5. I will only buy Christmas gifts and essentials like toiletries and stuff.
I have just a few more people on my list and I think I can finish the list before Christmas rolls around.

6. If I cheat, I need to pay Php1,000 for every item that I buy. This money will go to the baby fund which I cannot use for myself so that’s less shopping money for me on my birthday.

7. I will break all rules on my birthday!
I think it’s only fair as I spent my birthday this year in the hospital. I had a difficult pregnancy. I bled several times and the first time happened on the eve of my birthday so I spent my birthday hooked up to monitors and fearing for my baby’s life. Then it happened a couple more times. The only thing that made me cheer up a little that night was the Delivery Room staff. They gave me a J.Co donut with a solitary candle and wished me a happy birthday. They couldn’t even light the candle as I had an oxygen tank beside me. At least, that nightmare is over and thank God my son is a healthy and happy baby.

I will record my progress here until my birthday. If I ever buy something, I will also blog about it. Transparency is key to the success of this project. I am scared and excited at the same time about this project. I hope I’ll be successful. Wish me luck!

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