Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lip Balm Fail


I don’t like this lip balm at all. There, I said it. This is the Caribbean Iced Tea from DuWop.

The other flavor, Mint Mojito, tasted a bit bitter to me so I chucked it. Before I swiped this flavor on my lips, I tested/tasted it first. It was okay. No bitter taste there. Then, I swiped some lipstick on top of it and it tasted horrible! It was soooo bitter! I tried different lipsticks and got the same results. I don’t know why it reacted that way to lipstick but I decided to just chuck this too. I didn’t want to risk it. This is Ruby Grapefruit, by the way.

I always use lip balms with lipsticks so there was no point in keeping this. I will never buy DuWop products again. All the products I tried were a huge disappointment.

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