Thursday, February 9, 2012




I only have a few words for this product. It’s great. Buy it when you’re looking for a good lippie/gloss combo. =)

The Aloha Two Two Kiss (don’t you just love Korean names?) is a duo of lipstick (red) and gloss (yellow). It makes my lips soft. I can wear this without a lip balm base. It doesn’t dry out my lips. It lasts the whole day.


I usually apply the gloss in the center of my lower and upper lip. I also use the gloss to top off some of my lipsticks. It’s a very nice gloss if you don’t like over-the-top shine or in-your-face gloss. It’s very subtle. I didn’t experience chapping when I removed the product from my lip.

The pencil is also very easy to sharpen. Just be careful with the cap. I lost the cap of the gloss so now I can’t put this in my makeup kit. Pffffft… Good thing it lasts a long time.

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