Monday, February 13, 2012

Bargain Shopping Day!

Went out with mom today. I wanted to check out Ipanema’s sale at Glorietta. It was more than I expected. Take a look at what we got:

For the boys
There are only a few boys in our family. More for us girls!




Some of the ladies’ flip flops are going out to my friends and loved ones. The ones for guys will go to my uncle and MB and for my kuya, Ahne’s husband.

Prices range from 300 to 650. It was crazy when we went there and it was only 12 noon. Stocks are moving fast so if you want to get a pair or 2 or 3, better be at Glorietta early tomorrow!

Bargain shopping didn’t end there. On our way to Aranaz, we passed by Landmark and I saw Goody at 20% off so mom bought these for me:


I’ve been meaning to buy these since forever but for some reason I keep skipping them. I guess fate had a different plan and it was to the tune of 20% off!

Later in the afternoon, I met with my dear friend B and we paid the deposit for the hotel that will be used for their wedding reception then we went to Powerplant to look around, grab a bite and buy takeout for MB. Days like these are truly wonderful. The rain didn’t even bother me. What a way to spend Monday!


  1. So many flipflops! :) Looks like you had a happy Monday!

  2. Super shopping! Ang saya lang talaga ng sales..

    Great buys.

    Nagsale pala goody. :)

  3. yes, sa landmark lang sila nag-sale

  4. Bargain shopping is fun when there are mall sales. I get to buy 2-3 things with a price of 1 when they're not on sale.

    1. Sale shopping is always fun in my book!



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