Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another BB Cream

I got this Precious Mineral BB Cream as part of a set that was a GWP from Etude House.


I’m not a huge fan of BB Creams. The only BB Cream that I use is Bobbi Brown’s. I initially wanted to use this as a travel makeup but I was worried that my acidic skin might not like it. I was right. A few minutes after application, I noticed that my face started getting dark. I used this when we went to UP to bring my cat, Sapphire, to the vet.


It does give me a bit of a glow but as the day progressed, I could really see that my face darkened. MB said it was fine. But as my mentor said, only makeup artists and people who have an eye for makeup will notice if a person has acidic skin. The people at Rustan’s immediately know if I’m using a new foundation because they can see the change in my skin. They know my shade too well.

bb cream swatch

What’s great about this product is it didn’t give me any allergies. My face didn’t itch nor did it break out into zits. So that’s good. I feel fortunate to be able to try this product for free. I may use this when I go to places near our house such as Kitten’s place or Shopwise. Or, I may use this on clients. Anyway, if you’re not acidic I would recommend that you give this product a try.

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