Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cloud Bubble Oil

This is still part of my first Etude haul for this year. I’ve used this product for several times now and I can say that I’m very, very satisfied with it.


I’ve been using Clinique’s Take the Day Off since last year and because my friend Kitten has talked some sense into me (remember the shampoo issue Kitten?) I’ve decided to look for a cheaper alternative product that performs just the same as the expensive one. A bottle of Clinique’s makeup remover costs more than a thousand pesos while this bubble oil only costs 498 pesos. They both work well. They both suck at removing super waterproof mascaras.

I have no problems removing all brands (that I own) of eyeshadows, foundation, eye liner and blush but when I tried to remove my Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara, the mascara didn’t even budge. I’d say that it’s actually not bad considering the price.

Just be careful that this doesn’t go into your eyes as it will sting like crazy. A small amount wouldn’t hurt but if you accidentally open your eyes or push some of the product in while your trying to remove your makeup then be ready to scream. = ) Well, just make sure that you’re near the faucet or shower. A simple rinse would remedy the stinging. It also doesn’t leave my eyes red when I accidentally do this. For me that means that it’s not too harsh. 

It says Bubble Oil because when you pump the product, it goes out into a bubble foam. 1-2 pumps is enough to clean your face. The scent is okay. Nothing special there.

This product doesn’t give me breakouts so I’m definitely buying this again.

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