Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silk Scarf Hair Essence

This is also part of my Etude haul.


My hair is dull and dry and I’m still having problems with split ends. I looked around Etude House and found this product. I checked out their hair care line because I was really impressed with the Bubble Hair Color.

I apply this serum every night, after I take a bath. I divide my hair into two sections and apply 1-2 squeezes of the serum on each side. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now and I really did see results. There were less split ends and even less hair fall! I was only hoping to get rid of the split ends. Solving the hair fall problem was an added bonus. My hair is soft in the morning even after I just used shampoo the night before. My hair is even softer and silkier after I use a conditioner. It’s very easy to comb.

Just the other night, I noticed that if I apply 2 squeezes, I end up with itchy spots on my neck and the sides of my face. I thought this was due to the Bench Shampoo for colored hair so I stopped using that. Turns out, the itching was caused by both the serum and the shampoo. So now, I only apply one squeeze of the serum for each side. I think too much of a good thing is also bad.

I had my hair cut during the weekend and I also had my curls done so I’ve been skipping this serum for a few days now. I will use this again in a couple of days. I just don’t want too much treatments on my hair.


  1. Tried the Silk Scarf hair spray in the store and it smelled really nice! :)

  2. How much nyo po nabili 'to? :)

  3. Hi Dianne! Sorry, I forgot to put the price again. It's 328 pesos.



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