Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness

I am very picky with bags and purses. Before, I just immediately buy a bag if the color and design are nice. I don’t consider the quality. I didn’t want to spend more than 500 pesos for a bag. But then, the life expectancy of these bags were short. Of course, they were cheap and cheaply made so I had to buy another bag again after a few uses. I thought I was actually saving money because I didn’t buy expensive bags… Until I bought one expensive bag out of impulse and that’s when my love affair with good, quality bags started.

Last year, I only bought bags abroad. They are still in very good condition even after days and days of abuse. They are totally worth the price. At the beginning of the year, I discovered Aranaz bags. I got my first piece then I was totally hooked! Here is my first collection of Aranaz bags:




After seeing the quality of these bags and considering the price, I decided to stick to Philippine-made bags while I am here. I am a proud Filipino. I can definitely see that the quality of these bags are far superior to some branded bags that are available here. I was thinking, why would I pay X amount of pesos for a bag that is made in China when I can pay almost the same amount for a bag that is made in my country, made by my people, helps their livelihood and makes good use  and promotes our natural resources? These bags are world-class!

I am not a hypocrite. I will probably buy other bags when I go abroad but as long as I’m in the PH, I will try my very best to stick to bags that are designed and made by Filipinos.

To leave you with, here’s a photo of a purse that really caught my fancy. I got this from my sister although she still doesn’t know that I took it. = ) I told my mom to tell her that I wanted it for myself as she won’t be able to use it. She likes big bags and purses.



  1. I love the first and last bag. I have a wallet similar to the purse that you got from your sister. Great job shifting to bags of better quality. They will definitely last much longer :)

  2. that's great :) mahalin ang sariling atin ;D

  3. bags are one of the irresistible things in the world :)



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