Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hand Bouquet


I bought this Hand Mask set from Etude House last year. (Yes, I know, I have a lot of products that need some love!)

The instructions are fairly simple. You just wear the gloves!



Since the instructions are Korean, I just freestyled. I initially wanted to let this sit for 30 minutes but on my 25th minute, my hands started to itch so I removed the gloves immediately. I didn’t wash my hands because that defeats the whole purpose. I just rubbed them together and made sure that the product is evenly distributed. The itchiness disappeared after a few minutes.

This guide shows the different pressure points on your hand that you need to press in order to stimulate the different parts of the body. I actually did this.


This product was okay for a few minutes. I felt my hands soften a little bit. But something came up and I needed to wash my hands so I guess I’ll never know the full results come morning.
I’m sorry I can’t remember the price.  I have another set in pink and I probably won’t use it just because I can’t stand the feeling of my hands being wet.  I wanted to wash my hands the whole time.

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