Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy Brow Pencil

I got this pencil with my first Etude House haul for 2012.


I am used to powder eyeshadows to fix my brows. The thing is, it’s hard to use powder to fix my mom’s brows. She has very little hair that serves as her brows. They’re almost non-existent. I decided to look for a pencil to see if this will be better than the powder. I learned this trick from one of my mentors.

I’ve read several blogs claiming that Etude House has great eyebrow pencils. I asked the SA for a recommendation and she handed me this. I asked for a shade that is similar to my hair color. She said that this is the one that she’s using. She has colored hair too.

Pencil on one end, brush on the other


Soft brush

This is number one. This is the lightest shade. I’ve only used this a few times and it didn’t disappoint. I haven’t tried using this to draw mom’s eyebrows but I’m pretty sure it will give good results. The first time I used this was with the BB Cream that I got as a GWP. We went to UP Vet Med to bring our cat, Sapphire. We stayed there for half a day. Amidst the alternating heat, wind and dust, this pencil survived.

at UP vet med
This pencil doesn’t smudge and doesn’t rub off easily. I have a habit of scratching/touching my brows when I’m thinking so I’m glad that this pencil passed.

Use the brush on the other end to soften out the edges. The brush is very soft so no irritations there even you use it after plucking/shaving your brows.

This pencil will definitely be a staple in my vanity.


  1. I love the products of etude house for brows. I am currently using their Color My Brows and Drawing Eye Brows Pencil. :)

  2. wow, nice. i don't have much korean brand makeup. how much is this? :)

  3. I completely forgot to write the price! It's 128. Thanks Gellie! By the way, your goodies are coming!

  4. Peachy Pink Sisters, is the Color My Brows the palette?

  5. thanks for the review E! i still owe you an email. xD



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