Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!


This is another product from the Bench Organics line. I love body scrubs. The body wash counterpart of this scrub didn’t work well for me. Since it dried out my skin, I was thinking that this scrub might be able to get rid of all those dead skin cells caused by it’s cousin.

This has the same scent as the body wash. The scrub is a very thick cream. It’s so thick that it doesn’t stick to the jar unlike the Lulur scrub. If you buy this, you’d be sure to use every last drop (or maybe chunk as it’s really thick). What I do is I get a small chunk, flatten it out on my palms then rub a bit then apply to the areas where I want to use it. It’s very economical in that sense because there’s no spillage and you use the right amount of product every time.


The beads are gentle. They are larger than Lulur’s but as gentle. This scrub did dry out my skin but it’s nothing that a lotion can’t fix unlike the body wash which required a lot of frequent lotion application. No itchiness or rashes either.

One jar costs Php149. I probably won’t buy this again because the Lulur scrubs work better on me. But it’s a great product plus the scent lasts long on your skin. And that’s good in my book.


  1. Bench has an organic beauty product? need to check this out ;)

  2. Hi Gellie! They have different products based on ingredients such as papaya, shea butter, olive oil, bamboo and green tea; and coffee and honey. Each one targets a specific skin concern. Go and get the best one for you then blog about it. I would love to read about your experiences with the Bench Organics line.



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