Friday, February 24, 2012

Flower Treatment


I got this Flower Treatment Nail Polish Remover with my first haul at Etude House early this year. I was intrigued with the packaging because I normally see plastic packaging for nail polish removers in Korean cosmetics houses. This is glass.

I thought this would be expensive but it’s only Php198. I asked the SA what the difference was with the regular nail polish removers and she said that this treats the nails and the cuticles making them stronger.

I love wearing nail polish so my nails tend to be yellow and brittle. Add in  the fact that my meds/illness make my nails weak. I thought this would be worth the try.

On my first use, I can immediately tell the difference. I can remove the polish faster and it doesn’t leave a white film nor any residue. It does not  have a very strong scent like acetone or other nail polish removers in the drugstore. It’s also great with glitter polish. You don’t have to exert too much effort to remove even big glitters such as my Nicole for OPI Justin Bieber nail polish or the ones from Etude House. That alone has convinced me to become loyal to this polish remover.

You know another thing that’s great? Here, take a look:

My nails are pink! Even my toenails are pink because of this nail treatment. It took about 2 weeks before my nails turned yellow again. The peeling around my nails is not due to the treatment. I just have really dry skin.

My nails look naturally pink. I guess the treatment enhances /brings back the original condition of your nails.

I haven’t worn nail polish in 2 weeks, both on my hands and feet and my nails still look decent. I would really recommend this product if you’re a nail polish junkie or if you like doing nail art. Give your nails some love with this product.


  1. wow. definitely a wow! :) how much is this? interesting. :)

  2. Thanks for this! Imma try this out! :D

    Almira :)

  3. base on your review i am convince that this is a good nail product.

  4. Thanks ladies! Try it for yourselves!

  5. wow! ang galing. Super healthy looking talaga pag pinkish ang nails. great buy!

  6. i love this!! you're hands/nails look pretty with the light tint. interesting nail polish remover. didn't know etude has a product like that coz i usually ignore the nail polish section. now i have to check this out:)



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