Friday, May 6, 2011

Bobbi Brown Peony & Python Palette

I know I have a few backlog posts to work on but I’m in the mood to write a review on this newest Bobbi Brown Palette:
bobbi brown peony & python palette, by bitsandtreats

The peony is Bobbi’s favorite flower. This is a collaboration between her and the clothing brand Tibi.

The zipper is quite hard to open as it gets stuck on the edges but inside you will see this:

bobbi brown peony&python

There are 6 eyeshadows that you can use for day or night looks. This palette also comes with mini brushes. I have yet to use these brushes. Even when I was on vacation, I still used my full size brushes.  They’re hard to hold and I already have small hands!

A closer look at the shadows:

peony&python palette

They are Opal, Lavender, Cool Ivory (top, left to right), Cobra, Plum Orchid and Eclipse (bottom, left to right).

In my opinion, this palette is more of a smokey eye palette although I was able to get away with one day look that my MUA friends loved. I got a lot of compliments on that look. If I’m not mistaken, this is a photo of that look:

day look with peony&python, by bitsandtreats

The colors are a bit washed out because I used 3 of the light colors in the palette then added Plum Orchid on the outer V for depth.

day look using peony&python, by bitsandtreats

Here is an example of a smokey eye look using this palette:

purple smokey eye 2, by bitsandtreats

purple smokey eye 1, by bitsandtreats

peony and python smokey eye, by bitsandtreats

purple smokey party eye, by bitsandtreats

smokey eyes, by bitsandtreats

You need to build and blend the shadows to create intensity. That’s another reason this palette belongs to the smokey eye family. You can’t just apply the e/s once. You won’t be able to see the colors much. I was hesitant to buy this product but when Ms. Bea (Senior MUA for Bobbi Brown) said that it’s great for smokey eyes and the shadows are matte (I am building up my matte collection for my traincase), I was sold. Mom immediately got me one.

I would recommend this palette if you love creating smokey eyes or into dramatic eyes. This palette costs Php3,000 and in my opinion, is a good investment. It has 6 eyeshadows, 2 brushes and a mirror all encased in a chic pouch. Plus it’s a limited edition Bobbi Brown special. If you want to buy one but don’t know how you’ll use it, look for Owell or Ms. Bea at Rustan’s Makati and they will teach you how to maximize the use of this palette.


  1. Ganda! I still don't know how to do smokey eyes. Haha :)

  2. Thanks Kari! Madali lang siya, sobra!

  3. The shades are so dramatic! I like the way you did the smokey-eye look! I don't know how to work dark eyeshadows. :\

  4. Thanks Helen! I'm loving dark eyeshadows nowadays because of this palette

  5. this is such a pretty palette! love the smokey eyes E! :)

  6. Thanks sugar! I'm looking forward to doing more looks with this palette



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