Saturday, May 14, 2011

Open House at Clinique

The other event that I attended before I left for abroad was Clinique’s Open House where everybody and anybody can try out their makeup to their hearts’ content, ask questions, get makeovers and get skin consultations from the three lovely beauty experts – Ms. Malou, Ms. Dindin and Ms. Baby. The event was held on a Friday and I was due to fly on the first flight out the next morning and I haven’t even finished packing yet but Clinique is a brand that is so dear to my heart, so how can I say no? So I went there, fingers crossed that I’ll still be able to have the strength to finish everything I have to do afterwards.

I took my cousin C at this event. She’s 16 and she will be starting her college life in June so I asked Ms. Dindin to teach her a few tricks. Aside from skincare, Dindin taught her how to apply makeup on herself.

c applying foundation, by bitsandtreats

This is a classic Clinique technique where they do one side of your face then you do the other while they observe.

c doing makeup, by bitsandtreats

Finished product:


With the proud “momma”:

din and c, by bitsandtreats

dindin and c, by bitsandtreats

So where was I while all of this was happening? I was on the makeup bar enjoying all the makeup that I could get my hands on!

me and c, by bitsandtreats

Later that afternoon, Charles paid a visit to the counter to get her makeup done as she was celebrating her birthday!
Dindin also did her makeup (and hair!). Isn’t she gorgeous?

charles, by bitsandtreats

We were both wearing purple that day and Dindin was laughing so hard. She had an idea and gave us each a purple balloon:

din, moi, charles, by bitsandtreats

I really had fun that day.  I was able to learn a few tricks, I got the chance to try out their products that I’m not familiar with plus I got to see Charles again! We met at the SuperSale Bazaar at The Grove. She’s a super Hyphen client! Cathy was also very happy with her makeup that day that she went back for a touch up! LOL.

Watch out for more Clinique news. We’re cooking up a storm!


  1. Ahhh! Open house?! I didn't know. Where are you sis? In manila ba yan or cebu? Thanks! :)

  2. This was at Rustan's Makati

  3. my comment was deleted by blogger ampft! anyway, twas nice seeing you again Lady E! xox :))



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