Friday, May 27, 2011

FOTD: Blues & Grays

I wore this look on a day out with my cousin C. We went to the mall for some shopping. I remember that day being so warm that I decided to wear my blue polka dot dress as it was light and cool.


trip lang


Yeah, I know C dominates this photo but you can at least see the dress. And yeah, this was at Rustan’s Ladies Room. LOL.


Because I was wearing blue, I opted for blues and grays for my eyes. I am happy to report that  I’m not scared of blue anymore.


blues and grays eotd2, by bitsandtreats



blues and grays eotd, by bitsandtreats



I used my Too Faced Glamour To Go Fairy Edition palette for this look. I added sparkles to the inner corners of my eyes just because I felt fabulous in spite of the heat. I got a lot of compliments with this look. I feel really proud when MUAs compliment a look that I made myself.


FOTD blues and grays, by bitsandtreats


I used my bright pink lip & cheek color pot from Etude House on my lips. More on that on a future post. I always wear my hair up on really hot and humid days. I just can’t stand my hair on my nape on very hot days. Camwhoring inside the Rustan’s LR is becoming quite a habit for C and I. LOL.


  1. I love your brows! So neat. :) And good on you, I still can't get past neutrals. Hanggang bahay pa lang ang colorful eye makeup. :))

  2. Pretty. Your top looks fab too! :)

  3. c is so cute! the pose talaga! :) love your eye makeup E! :)

  4. I love the neckline of your dress! So pretty!

  5. @Kari: thank you! i've been obsessing about eyebrows since I started makeup classes

  6. @sugar & ahne: aral ang batang yan. laging tinuturan ni dindin!

  7. thanks michelle! that's the primary reason why i bought this! = )



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