Monday, May 23, 2011

Southern Comfort

One of the best things I love bazaars is I get to meet new people and get to try out new products. You all know my dilemma with shoes. I was lucky to meet this lovely girl named Pauline at the SuperSale bazaar. She bought something from Hyphen and I asked her what she’s selling . She’s selling shoes! So I told her that I will drop by her booth:

southern comfort shoes, by bitsandtreats

Ooooooh, love! I’ve been wanting a pair of these shoes for ages but I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and try on shoes. Or perhaps I just didn’t want to be disappointed because I know that there won’t be anything in my size.

Their smallest size for ladies is 5 and it fits me! Well, actually it’s a bit too sakto  and you can actually see my big toe nail pushing the fabric. Or maybe I just need a pedicure. LOL. I think it’s the pedicure thing.

The shoes are very comfortable. I wore them yesterday at the bazaar and my feet didn’t hurt. I wore them again today to the mall and my feet feel fine when I got home. Also, If you look at the shoes closely, you will see that they are well made unlike other shoes that I bought online. My pair doesn’t have any glue or threads sticking out.

Here’s a closeup of the shoes:

for the girls, by bitsandtreats
For the girls

for the boys, by bitsandtreats
For the boys

for everybody, by bitsandtreats
For everybody!

for everybody 2, by bitsandtreats

I have the khaki and red striped ones. My sister and MB have the black one.

Here’s my pair of Southern Comfort:

my red striped southern comforts, by bitsandtreats

This pair is actually blue and I soooooo want this!!! Because of my weird sized feet, Pauline offered to have shoes custom-made for me! Wheeee!!! I told her that I’m going to order the next collection which is due to come out this October. Pauline, please come out with eyelet and lace designs. Please?

i want this, by bitsandtreats

Here I am with the good-looking owners Pauline and Miko with our Southern Comforts:

me with pauline and miko

The girls’ shoes cost Php850 while the boys’ shoes cost Php950. See the other guy in the background? He’s also wearing Southern Comfort! Actually, almost everybody in the vicinity is wearing a pair! Pauline can be a very persuasive businesswoman.

If you want to enjoy some Southern Comfort, head on over to their Facebook page.


  1. i love espadrilles because its comfortable, great for everyday.

  2. Hey Esther! thanks for the feature! Will definitely come out with the eyelet/lace ones!! Naisip ko na din un eh! :))

  3. I'm loving mine too kingking! I wear them everyday!



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