Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What’s a Ponchinello?

A Ponchinello is a cat that looks like a body builder:

ponchi with tigger, by bitsandtreats
Exhibit A

Actually, all you can see here is his dirty nose. This is my only cat that has huge muscles. His nape and shoulders are pure muscle. His forelegs are bigger too compared to his siblings.

Well, he is a Manx so that explains the legs but the rest of his body, I don’t know how he got that. His mom is ChaCha, by the way (also a Manx).

ponchi's tail
Exhibit B

I couldn’t take a decent photo of him because he was too fidgety. He’s dirty because he just got back from making his usual rounds in the neighborhood (inside the confines of our gate).

ponchi lying down
Exhibit C

I was finally able to take a quick shot of his muscles:

ponchi's muscles, by bitsandtreats
Exhibit D

If you touch those parts that I’ve encircled, you’ll feel that they are hard, like touching a huge bicep. I have no idea if this cat does weights at nights…

He may be a bad boy on the outside but Ponchi is a very sweet cat. He likes snuggling up to me and likes to be hugged (just not in front of his siblings. He has to maintain the tough guy look). He acts like a baby whenever I play with him. He yells a lot (he likes the sound of his voice) when he wants to get my attention. Every morning, during his rounds, he yells a few meows. When he hears me call out his name, he stops. Then he yells again then I call him again. It’s a never ending thing until mom lets him in. Yeah, that’s Ponchi!


  1. ang liit ng ulo dun sa 2nd picture

    and yes, he does have big muscles, first time i saw a cat like ponchi. *PISOT PISOT*

  2. @Kitten: Maliit lang talaga ang ulo nya. kaya nga parang body builder - maliit ulo, malaki katawan. parang di masaya na ipisot pisot si ponchi kasi hindi soft and fluffy. matigas!

  3. @Kitten: buntot nya ung sa second pic. LOL. kasi maliit din buntot nya.

  4. so he's the Johnny Bravo cat version?

  5. lol! tatawagin ko na nga siyang johnny from now on!

  6. gusto ko tuloy hiramin. hahaha. parang teddy bear ba?

  7. @Cafemobility: naku, matigas! muscle nga eh



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