Saturday, May 7, 2011

Revlon Goes ThreeSixty

Before I left for my vacation, I attended two events (yeah, I know. Ngarag!). One is the launch of the new Revlon Colorbust Lip Gloss. Revlon may be a drugstore brand but it is, in my opinion, the number one cosmetics brand to utilize the latest technology in advertising and promotion. If you can remember, last year they used the touch screen technology of I Trixx to show you different looks using their makeup. This time around, they’ve gone up a notch higher. They still used the touch screen technology of ThreeSixty Marketing (formerly I Trixx) but with a twist – you can now take a photo of yourself and see exactly how the shades will look on you.

It’s quite simple actually. You just look at the camera and take a photo of yourself. Then the 360 guide will help you with the process. After that, you can just drag the colors to different parts of your face. No need for a makeup remover as dragging the colors automatically changes your look. Now if you don’t like makeovers in a public place, or if you’re too OC like me or just too shy to try out products, this technology is perfect for you!

(I will post pics of this in a separate post as my cam batt died. LOL)

Anyway, here are some photos of the mini event:

 revlon event, by bitsandtreats

Don’t mind my look, I just came from makeup class and my MUA friends had a blast making a mohawk out of my hair.

revlon colorburst lip gloss, by bitsandtreats
Yummy Revlon shades

revlon colorburst lip gloss collection

I couldn’t believe how pigmented these glosses are! Jessica Alba was wearing one in the advertisement and it looked like she had lipstick underneath but it was all gloss!

Here are swatches:
colorburst swatches, by bitsandtreats

From light to dark:
004 Pink ice glace rose
002 Crystal lilac
008 Peony
026 Rose Gold
010 Hot Pink Rose
014 Rose Pearl
020 Papaya
006 Strawberry
016 Bordeaux
018 Fire
030 Bronze Shimmer
022 Sunset Peach
024 Gold Dust
028 Sienna Sparkle

Whew! There are 14 shades in all so I guess it’s safe to say that there’s one for every personality!

light shades, by bitsandtreats

dark shades, by bitsandtreats

I want the darker shades – Hot Pink, Orchid, Strawberry. I also like Fire and Gold dust for my traincase for client use. I wasn’t able to try one on as I already have lipstick on and I just don’t use testers (too OC) but I think these swatches are enough to convince me to purchase the above-mentioned shades.

The Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss Retails for Php575. Stay tuned for part 2.


  1. That is so cool! And I like the pigmentation of those glosses :)

  2. wow awesome! high tech nga nun ha :)) you just have to snap a photo of you and then you can see diff. shades on you! :) will wait for part 2 of this post :D

  3. I have the Crystal Lilac :) not much into lip glosses, have a few, but I've been reaching for this every time I do my make-up, I love it! I may have to purchase some more.... and yes, I want the Hot Pink, too ;)

  4. @sherbeth: i'm not much of a gloss person too but i just couldn't resist the hot pink!

  5. hi lady e, where do you attend your make up classes?

  6. i like the first 5 colors, others are too dark

    i love lip glosses as much as i love lipsticks~



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