Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bye, Bye Dark Circles

I know this is an overdue post but forgive me as I had the SuperSale bazaar to attend to a day after this event.

I was there bright and early as I know everybody from Bobbi Brown was excited and I wanted to be there to show my support. After all, I got the invite more than a month before this event was even given a specific date. And true enough, everybody was at their best.

Here are photos:

bye bye dark circles event, by bitsandtreats

The event was held at the Grand Mall area. When I got there, people from the PRESS were being entertained. Oh boy, did they have fun with the makeovers and the photo sessions.

kai vinson's spot, by bitsandtreats
That’s Kai Vinson’s spot. Of course, he was the leader of the pack.

The Bobbi Brown team was in full force. Here’s Dennis from Shangri-La getting busy with a client:

dennis getting busy, by bitsandtreats

Here’s Owell working his magic on Sugar:

owell and sugar, by bitsandtreats

Ms. Mona, the counter manager was uber busy! She was walking back and forth from the counter inside the mall to the event outside, in heels nonetheless!

This photo was taken after the event. I couldn’t get a hold of her during! Once I was able to coax her into having a photo taken with me but as the photographer was counting, Ms. Ina called her and poof! No more photo.

ms. mona et moi

And how can I forget the Senior Makeup Artist of Bobbi Brown Philippines:

ms. bea et moi

Ms. Bea, who always does my makeup so flawlessly. I love her to bits!

An hour was set aside for bloggers. I was not invited as a blogger but as a regular client but I still tagged along during the blogger session. = )

bloggers with kai vinson, by bitsandtreats

Here are the bloggers with a Q&A session with Kai. But before that, the bloggers had their dark circles erased first, of course. Here’s Sugar:

with sugar, by bitsandtreats

Sugar is super tall that’s why I asked her to remain sitting so that I can have a photo with her. Well, we actually have a photo taken by the professionals at the photo booth. It’s in her blog. You’ll see the height difference. LOL.

After the session, each blogger had her photo taken with Kai:

with kai vinson, by bitsandtreats

Kai is so gracious and well-mannered unlike that other MUA who shall remain unnamed. Haha! He was able to answer all our questions. About 30 minutes before the event ended, I had a nice chat with him again. I asked a bunch of questions that I wasn’t able to ask during the bloggers’ session. I also went through his palettes. Oh, yeah. I did that, but with permission of course! I told him I was a MUA in training so he gave me some tips. I was at the Clinique counter when he left. I called out and said bye to him and he looked for me, walked towards me and kissed me goodbye.  He’s very nice indeed. I was starstruck when I first met him and felt that I found a longtime friend when he left. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of him in the future during workshops.

bobbi brown experts
The Beauty Experts

In this event, I learned not only the basics of the Concealer/Corrector but insider tips as well. I’m glad I went to this event in spite of my hectic schedule that week.

A special thanks goes out to my Bobbi Brown family:

my bobbi brown family

You’ll be seeing more of Bobbi Brown products in this blog. Oh, and did I mention they’re sponsoring my giveaway? = ) 


  1. thank you for the special mention E! i agree NY Kai is one inspiring person and is super friendly! :) i had so much fun at the event. ;)

  2. Wow! Great event! :)

  3. you're welcome sugar! i had fun because i finally got to meet you!

  4. Sounds like an awesome event!! Can't wait for the Bobbi Brown sponsored giveaway!! :D

  5. I have dark under eye circles, as in raccoon eyes and I have been on the hunt for my HG concealer --- I may give this a try. Thanks E :)

  6. great event~ too bad I missed it.

  7. you won't miss the next events

  8. @Sherbeth: Yes, give this a try! It's the best one I've tried so far. And in case you buy from Rustan's Makati, please say hi to Owell or Ms. Bea for me! = )



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