Monday, December 3, 2012

LYB Members Only Party

I got an e-invite to The Body Shop’s Members Only Party a few weeks ago. It said that I can take a friend with me so I naturally thought about bringing my best friend M and her baby girl. I consider them my family. I will do anything for them. It’s great that we get to spend so much time together this year. M takes care of her little one while I do most of my work at home so we both have our own time. We can go out whenever we want to.
The party was scheduled at 2 pm. I passed by the boutique at Greenbelt at 10 minutes before 2 and nothing was happening so I proceeded to GB1 to meet M and her baby. We went to the boutique at 2:30 PM.

Well, first of all, there was no party atmosphere. The girl who was supposed to greet us was talking to another person. I asked the ladies (who I assumed were supervisors or store managers or people from marketing because they weren’t in uniform) about the party. She asked for my name and made us sign the attendance sheet. We were given welcome gifts.

tbs welcome gifts, bitsandtreats

The eye definer is for members only. M’s welcome gift was a pair of Sakura lotion and body wash. She was also given a free membership card.

The event was not actually a party. I asked the SA what activities they had in store for us. I asked if they had a makeover. She said no. So I asked what was in store for us. She immediately told me that if I purchase a certain amount, I can have a caricature of myself or my friend or our baby drawn. She also proceeded to introduce the Christmas gift sets. She said that if I buy 2, I’d get one free.  So this was not a party at all. It was a sales activity. I already know that these kinds of events are for sales and marketing purposes. I just wished they had done things differently. I was expecting for someone to formally showcase the Christmas gift sets. I was also expecting a makeup demo but that’s pushing it because they didn’t have any new makeup to launch. I was expecting it to have at least a solid flow of events – welcome speech, product intro, introduction of LYB membership card because there were a lot of non-members, caricature stuff and shopping part. Just something that was not too much in-your-face-buy-our-sets event.

Honestly, I didn’t want to buy anything but I was not sure if they were going to give M’s welcome gift without a purchase. I did not want her to leave the store without something. The ladies at the door told me to give the stub at the counter later to claim M’s free card and welcome gift. So I thought to myself, why not give the welcome gift now instead of later at the counter? So they were probably waiting for us to purchase. I usually don’t leave events like these empty-handed (meaning not buying anything with my own money). I don’t feel comfortable just attending events and getting freebies unless I can’t afford the products so I make an effort to at least purchase something. I will show you what I bought in my next post. Let’s just get through this one, okay?

So here are photos of the gift sets:







We didn’t get the cupcakes. I’m not fond of sweets. M had just had lunch and was carrying her baby so it was a hassle for her. She actually thought that these were makeup. She almost dipped her finger into the icing. LOL…
Love Lily Cole


I got a gift set for myself, yeah, I’m that lame. I’m already done with my Christmas shopping so I just thought of buying one for myself to add to my growing TBS collection. I got M some foundation which was on sale at 40% off, I think. She was able to get a caricature of herself. We were both disappointed as the artist she got was not very good. The finished product didn’t look like her at all plus the sheet was all dirty. She even asked the artist if he could clean it up. He was too lazy and was making all sorts of excuses. Oh, well.. We should have just waited for the other artist to finish. His works were amazing and he really made an effort to clean them up and make them works of art.

We spent most of our time waiting for the caricature to finish. I didn’t exactly enjoy this party but it was an okay event as it allowed me to spend some time with my family.

Next up, my shopping post!

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