Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekend Haul

Last weekend, MB took me shopping. I always stock on clothes and other stuff during December. Stuff like house clothes, etc., I don’t like buying in the middle of the year. I like to buy them at the end of the year when there are specials. MB was sweet enough to take me shopping this year. But before that, we had a snack at Starbucks and MB got me this:

starbucks 2013 planner, bitsandtreats

He insisted that I take a blow by blow account of the unboxing.

starbucks 2012 green planner, bitsandtreats

Green is my favorite color. MB liked the green one best, too.

starbucks 2013 green planner

starbucks 2013 opened planner, bitsandtreats

This planner is way bigger than last year’s. MB makes this his yearly tradition. He gets the booklet and fills it up with stickers then gives me the planner. This year he got the planner early. I guess he’s too excited.

Next, we went to Bench Body and got these:

bench body haul, bitsandtreats

I got 5 boxers. They all come packaged in the sipping cups at the back. Those are boxed undies and a camisole.

bench cups, bitsandtreats

The boxers in cups cost Php199.75. I asked MB how much the regular ones were and he said they were the same so I got the cups. I gave 2 cups to my cousin C that’s why there are only 3 left in the photo. I got the boxers, of course.

cute bench boxes, bitsandtreats
Cute boxes that will house my knickknacks

The next day, MB got me pj’s. I wasn’t planning on buying the Minnie dress shirt but it was too cute on the mannequin . The white Hello Kitty is also a dress shirt. The pink HK is a shirt/pj’s pair.

hello kitty and minnie pjs, bitsandtreats

I also did a bit of shopping at Watsons. I’m still not yet done with my stockpile.

watsons haul, bitsandtreats

Finally, I got this:

baby bliss curling ion, bitsandtreats

My hair is still damaged and too short for a perm. I really don’t like straight hair and it’s a pain to blow dry every single day. Plus, I really miss my curls. This was on sale at only Php2,500. The original price is Php3,295.

I got these as GWP’s.

sm pink tote, bitsandtreats
Huge metallic pink tote

watsons gwp, bitsandtreats

Love this mustard purse. The front flap opens up into a card case. The inside also has a few card slots. I don’t like using wallets but I might give this a shot.

I’m still not yet done with my end of the year shopping. I found a few things at Bench that would be perfect for my stockpile. I will buy them when I’m with Mom or with my cousin C. Boys are just no fun to shop with.

How’s your Christmas shopping coming along?

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