Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Like what I said in my previous post, I went out with my best friend/sister M last Thursday. We attended the LYB Members Only Party at Greenbelt. As promised, here’s a photo of what I got for myself.

tbs cranberry gift box set, bitsandtreats

This is the Cranberry limited edition set.
tbs cranberry limited edition set, bitsandtreats

It includes a soap, a shower gel, a body butter and a lip balm. It smells wonderful. When I opened the box to take a photo, the smell hit me and it felt like Christmas.

I got M a foundation but I was not able to take a photo of that.

Earlier in the day, I was with my mom at the mall. When we were at the ladies’ room, I noticed that my shoe broke so I went to my favorite shoe store to buy a replacement. Well, you know me. I got 3.

so fab flats, bitsandtreats

The one that broke was a pair of flat sandals so I had to replace it with flats. I wore the black one immediately. I’m not used to wearing thong sandals but they turned out to be comfortable the longer I wore them. The one on the right is so comfy. It feels like butter. The one on the left is a size larger but it looks okay on my feet so I got it as well. These were on sale so I didn’t complain.

I got this jelly purse as a GWP:

so fab gwp jelly purse, bitsandtreats

After the TBS event, we went to Rustan’s as M wanted her makeup done so I told her that I will take her to Bobbi Brown to see my favorite MUA, Owell.

I had my eyebrows fixed and got this corrector. Earlier in the day I noticed that my corrector will only last me a few applications so I replenished my stock.

bobbi brown corrector, bitsandtreats

Here’s M after her makeup session:

by bitsandtreats

Isn’t she gorgeous? As always, Owell did a good job. We both love that lipstick on her and we are planning to buy one for each of us the next time we go out.

After all the shopping and makeovers, we had a hearty merienda at Cibo. Going out with the special people in my life is truly an awesome experience no matter how simple our activities are.

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