Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cathy's Prom Hair Plus Product Review

This is the fourth post on my cousin's prom look. This is Cathy's before hair. I used this product for her at-home treatment:

This is her wet hair after soaking in the product for 20-30 minutes. I can't tell how long exactly. I took a bath while waiting. 

To use, just apply on wet hair after shampooing. Leave for at least 15 minutes under a shower cap. Cathy's hair is naturally wavy with some big curls. Her hair is rather limp in the photo above.

Here's her hair after air drying:

Less buhaghag and the strands are more manageable. The curls are also much defined now.

I told her that if she weren't going to the prom, she could go out like this. I just combed her hair with a wide-toothed comb and allowed it to dry without doing anything. 

I also used this product once, about 2 weeks ago. I love it! It didn't ruin my curls and didn't give me allergies considering the time it stayed on my hair. It's gentle enough for my permed hair and sensitive skin.  It's hard to rinse out though. You need to spend at least 5 minutes under the shower (depending on hair length) to get all the product out. I also love the cool, tingling sensation it leaves my scalp. Cathy also felt "cold" after her shower. The scent is nice. Just about right for a hair spa treatment. This costs only P79.75 at Watsons! And how much does a hair spa at a salon cost?

For her prom hair, I curled her hair using my curling iron. I then applied some Monea Curling Lotion and Vitress hair gloss. I then gathered the top portion of her hair then teased it to give it a bump. I used a brush similar to the ones they use at salons when blow drying your hair. I pinned the back using large Goody bobby pins. I then twisted her hair on her left side to the direction of her bangs. Pinned them in place with smaller bobby pins.  I twisted the lower section of hair too, just under the first twist. The flower is actually sewn on an elastic so I just tied it to her hair and pinned the safety pin (attached to the flower) to one of the bobby pins. I did the same twisting to the right side of her hair excluding the flower pin. 

I also put some hair spray for the finishing touch just so the bump won't get ruined. I also applied a little bit of Bench Fix It Sooo Polished Shine wax for those hair strands that are makulit. 

I guess that wraps up my prom adventure posts. I'll be writing a post on the other products that I used on her soon. 


  1. i see you had fun! :D

    she looks great ;D

  2. Thanks Geli! I just wish I had the tools and products that I have now back then. It was so hard to control her oily face. Well, charge it to experience! There's still next year's prom! = )



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