Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ellana Lip Scrub

Because I work in a very cold environment, my lips tend to dry up. That explains this. I use this product once a week to gently slough off dry skin cells on my lips. This is in vanilla. Other flavors include strawberry and cucumber melon. 

It tastes like sugar and feels like sugar. I don't know what else they put in it to make it a lip scrub. I haven't tried this in the bath. I just wipe it off with some wet wipes. It makes my lips soft but it doesn't last. I think I have to do this again during the middle of the week to retain their softness. Is that advisable?

This is my first time to try a lip scrub. If any of you have an HG lip scrub, I would really appreciate the help. I would like to try out other lip scrubs. I just don't want to use sugar, you know. I actually find this product too sweet already. Using sugar or a regular toothbrush just wouldn't cut it. 

This costs Php150 and you can purchase it here.

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