Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion 21 Dipliner in Black

I bought this liquid eyeliner for my cousin to use on her prom makeup. I tried this on myself while playing with my Fashion 21 palette. You have to wait for a while for the product to fully dry before opening your eyes. Otherwise, you'll end up with double lines or black splotches on your eye area.  

The applicator is sturdy enough for my shaky, newbie hands. I was able to apply this without any problems on my cuz' eyelids. As with all liquid eyeliners, be extra careful. I only had a tiny problem with making a wing at the end of the lid. Maybe because I'm still new at this. I'll be able to master that with more practice. Any volunteers? Hehe... So what I did was, I used my Herbench black eyeliner pencil then smudged/defined the lines and the wing with my Charm angled brow liner brush. I'll show you the results soon.

No allergies from this product whatsoever.

The Fashion 21 Dipliner in Black cost P100 (I think) at Beauty by SM. 

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