Friday, March 12, 2010

Lady E's Vanity

I ran across a few pictures of a vanity in a blog the other day. So I thought I'd take a picture of mine and post it here. I think my vanity is interesting enough to have its own space.

I love my books as much as I love my makeup and I thought my vanity would look better with the books mixed in. I also needed the book space. I have too many books! These are some of my favorites. I love Jostein Gaarder, Paulo Coelho, Umberto Eco and Sophie Kinsella. I also have a few other authors that I like but I have yet to buy their books. I promised myself I will set aside some time this year to read 12 books. I already finished 2. I still have 3 here to go. So that means I only need to buy 7. I put the Twilight books there because they're black. They go nicely with my black Fashion 21 palette and my Etude House Beauty Box. 

The little guy is actually a mini flashlight. It's quite bright for its size. That's the Hello Kitty baby wipes that I talked about in a previous post. I just ordered this huge shampoo from Human Heart Nature. Read my review here. I'm just waiting for my other bottle to run out and then I'll transfer this to the bathroom.

In the middle is my lipstick/lip balm organizer which I saved from my broken Caboodles organizer. It also houses my eye liners, concealer and mascara. I used to put my brushes, scissors and eyelash curlers here until I bought that stand from Etude House.  

Those are my earrings, mostly made by me. Next is my Bible. And on the far right is my necklace and bracelet tree. Most of the accessories are also made by me. If you want to buy any of my original, one-of-a-kind pieces, look me up in ebay. We are manilathriftstyle. They are mostly made from plastic, Indian and semi-precious beads. The prices are very affordable. 

Oh, I almost forgot. That's my Zen mp3 player on top of the books. Yes, I use an old school player because it's cheap and it suits me just fine. The speaker, I bought at Anson's for only Php150. It folds into a cube and is powered by 4 AAA batteries. The red and fuchsia look nice together.

The rest of my makeup, I keep in the drawer. On the right side is a cabinet connected to the vanity which houses my lotions, perfume, colognes, etc. It has a full length mirror on the other side. 

I wanna see your vanity! Send me a link to your blog or Facebook and I'll feature it here. Just be sure to write a few things about yourself and about your vanity. 


  1. thanks kitten! it doesn't look like that anymore! Haha! I'm planning to redecorate. = )



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