Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cathy's Prom

Meet Cathy, my "almost 16" cousin who had her prom on my birthday. I sacrificed a day of celebrating to be her slave for the day. As with her older sister, I also prepped her from head to foot for her prom. We, her ate and I, were on a tight budget. Her dress and shoes were only bought the day before the prom. They totaled P1200. That was her sister's share. Mine was the prepping/prettifying bit. Instead of sending her to the salon, I gave her a hair spa, foot spa, manicure and pedicure. I did her hair and makeup. I also lent her the bag and shawl and gave her some colored gloss for touch ups. She only had a face  powder in her paper bag when she arrived Saturday morning. I gave her some supplies to put in her bag such as band aids (for paltos because of the new shoes), Whisper and oil blotting papers. Yeah, it was a red day for her. How awful is that?

I will break this down into several posts as one will not suffice. It will be too long and you might stop reading in the middle.

Here's how she looked like after:

Sorry for the very bright background. My room was too bright and I couldn't find the perfect camera setting. 

Let's start with her eyes.  I used my Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Candy Sweets. I wanted to give her a fun, youthful look evoking fairies and candy clouds that's why I chose this look. After all, you only get to be young once. Or maybe I'm still in denial that my cousin is almost 16. I took care of her when she was still a baby up until she was about 8 or 9.

I also used my Fashion 21 Color Set. I'm telling you, this palette is so sulit! I used 9 different eye shadow shades for her eyes - 3 blues, 4 lavender/purple and 2 pinks.

Let's start with the blues. I used aqua as a base then patted ES#40 from the palette on top. I then used ES#33 on her inner corners and water line. For the purple, I used Taffy from Avon as a base. Then I patted some Dear Darling ES in lavender for that shimmer effect. For her crease, I used ES#45 and for the outer 'V' I applied ES#32. I extended ES#32 to her outer lower lid. For the pinks, I used Sunrise from Avon and ES#9 on top and the lower lid. 

I used the Fashion 21 Dipliner in black to line her lids and then applied some HB black liner. I smudged this with my Charm angled brush. I also used this brush to define the wings.

Here's another shot with her eyes open and using another camera setting. 

The colors are more vibrant and alive in person. As I've said, my room was too bright and I couldn't find the right camera setting. But you get the idea. I just curled her eyelashes using my Face Shop curler and Fanny Serrano small curler for the outer and inner lashes. I then applied my Maybelline mascara. I wanted to use falsies but I wasn't able to buy a proper glue for it. Meaning, the e.l.f. glue was a piece of crap. But I think her lashes turned out pretty well without that. Don't you think so?

She didn't look this red in person. It's just my camera. I'll show you what products I used for the rest of her face in my next post. 

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