Friday, March 19, 2010

Victoria Natural Herbal Laundry Powder

At last! It's Friday! And with the weekend comes doing the laundry. Am I right? We do our laundry once a week, on Saturdays. It's best if you wait for a full load to save on water and soap. 

Victoria has been around for some time but it's only recently that I discovered this detergent. It has won numerous international awards. It's very environment friendly. As a matter of fact, you can use the soapy (used) water to water your plants. That's how 'natural' this product is. I love how our clothes smell when they're dry. Actually, I love how the room smells where the clothes are hung to dry. Even if you have some unpleasant smelling things in the room, the natural smell of Victoria is not overpowered. Your clothes will not absorb the unpleasant smell. 

This costs P152.25 at Landmark Makati. It's a bit more pricey than Tide powder which I used before but it's well worth it. I don't follow the directions at the back of the carton in terms of how much soap you have to put per load. I find it too wasteful. I just  trust my instinct. One box lasts for 3-4 weeks in my house.

I always develop rashes after taking a bath. I've changed soaps and shampoos numerous times to no avail. When we used Victoria the rashes stopped. It was the detergent! I never thought that it was the detergent that was causing all the rashes. So now I can really say that this is natural and sensitive skin friendly.

And did I mention that it's proudly made in the Philippines? Buy now!

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