Friday, October 19, 2012

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Soap

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I’ve been using this product for so long now that I was surprised to find that I haven’t blogged about this. I saw this at Watsons for the first time and since it’s a whitening soap, I immediately asked the whitening product expert, Kitten. I’m afraid to use whitening soaps as they tend to make me itch but I was using Dove Go Fresh soap at that time and it was making me itch so I needed a replacement. Kitten said that this soap is okay and it smelled really nice so I immediately got it.

Like the body scrub, this works well on my uber sensitive skin too. I do experience a bit of dryness but nothing that a good lotion can fix. I guess most whitening products do that to your skin.

I have no idea if the whitening stuff works. I use this soap because it’s one of the few soaps in the market that doesn’t give me allergies. I’m looking at my skin right now and I don’t think I became whiter. Maybe you have to use this religiously. I don’t. I change soaps every now and then to avoid the allergies.

The Asian Secrets soap is a bit expensive for around Php60 per bar but it’s a big bar and it lasts for a good amount of time. It’s also always out-of-stock and that is why I discovered Kojie San.

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