Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I know I told Salmon Cat that the hauling will stop but my cousin broke a pair of shoes that she borrowed from me. I don’t always buy shoes but when I do, I buy more than one. Regulars of this blog know that my feet have a weird size so when I see a pair that fits me perfectly, I buy them right away. I usually wait until a pair breaks before I buy. I’ve already made a few pairs retire and I was putting off buying because I wanted to use my other pairs but I guess it was really time to buy.

My usual boutiques are So Fab and Chesca but unfortunately, they didn’t have my sizes when I visited them last weekend. I decided to checkout SM as the Parisian line sometimes has my size. I was in luck and got these:

parisian shoes, bitsandtreats

Blue is not my favorite color. It just so happened that all the shoes that I liked were in this color. Plus I only have one pair of blue shoes so blue is actually not a bad choice.

The flats are unbelievably comfortable. I haven’t worn any of these shoes for a whole day though but I think they’re all comfy. I do have a slight problem with the snake skin shoes. The rim of the back side is not smooth and it rubs my ankles. I think it will give me blisters when I wear this so I’m going to rub a candle on that side to make it better. The wax will make it smoother. Did you know that some people actually bite that part of the shoes so that the shoes won’t ‘bite’ them back? I think it’s an old pamahiin (belief). I’ve actually seen a customer do that when she bought a pair from my friend. Well, I think I will stick to the candle method. = )


  1. haven't heard of both methods before but methinks i'm gonna go with the candle method too, thanks for the tip. someone may have tried the shoes before i did. cringe...

    1. Hahahaha! Ang dami kong tawa sa comment na 'to!

  2. I was once a flat hater but when I own one from Parisian, it changed. Their price are even cheaper. I think it has an edge in terms of quality.

  3. These are actually my first flats from Parisian. I developed some blisters on my first week of using the python flats so whenever I wear either, I make sure that I have band aids on. The candle method did not work mainly because I couldn't find my candles! =P



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