Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wedding Gig

I received a comment a while back asking me to post photos of my wedding gig. I won’t post all of them because I forgot to ask permission (ooops!) so I will just post photos of the bride and groom and the bride’s sister as I know them well and they can’t do anything about me posting their photos here. LOLZ.

This is J. She’s the bride’s sister. She had the best transformation among the 10 people I worked on. I couldn’t stop looking at her and telling her how beautiful she was after. These girls don’t use makeup. A simple powder, lipstick and eyeliner is their daily routine so I was surprised myself to see how they looked in full makeup.


I used my Stila smokey eye palette for the bridesmaids. The lipstick is Estee Lauder Berry Pink from the Pure Color line. This shade looked lovely on the sisters.

This is the bride. As she’s also not used to so much makeup, she asked me to apply just a little bit. She was the one who picked the eye looks for herself and her bridesmaids.


Everyone was used to seeing her that way (on the left) so when everybody saw her made up face, they were in awe. I also couldn’t help but gush as I’ve known her for years and this is the first time I saw her like this.

I used the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette for the bride. The eyeshadow is a combination of Soulmates, Cut the Cake and First Dance. Cheeks were a combination of NARS Orgasm and Estee Lauder while the lips are courtesy of Bobbi Brown.

Here are the newlyweds. This picture is actually getting a ton of Likes over in Facebook. Everyone is gushing over how beautiful the bride is. She is beautiful both inside and out.


The wedding ceremony was short and intimate as there were only a few guests. Just family and close friends. I don’t know about the party afterwards as after I retouched the bride’s face, I kissed them goodbye because my back was already 50 shades of pain! I really need to get a director’s chair for my next gig…

So Iya, I hope you like this post!


  1. wow! you did an awesome job on them! by the way, where were you able to get too faced products? I'm on the hunt for someone who sells legit too faced products here in the Philippines. ^_^

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  2. I actually sell Too Faced products over at my store, Hyphen. = )

  3. Nice job! The girls were pretty. :)



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