Friday, October 12, 2012


Oh, yes, it’s another pan post!

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I’m so happy that I am finally able to finish a lot of my products. The first tube is the 7-Day Scrub Cream from Clinique. This costs Php1,600 and it lasted for, are you ready for this? 2 years! Yes, 2 years! That is totally worth the price! I use this at least once a week, twice at the most. I found a scrub that works just as well from Etude House but it is currently out of stock. That tube is also running out so I may have to buy another Clinique Scrub Cream. I think I already reviewed this product so if you want to read it, just make a quick search on the search box.

Next is the Skin Protec antibacterial hand sanitizer. Nothing special about this but I like it because it doesn’t dry up my hands and it’s cheap at Php49 BOGO at Watsons. Next is the Lip Ice lemon lip balm. It took so long to finish this! I won’t buy Lip Ice products anymore because they don’t work so well on me. They don’t last a long time and sometimes they tend to make my lips even drier.

Lastly, the Etude House Mascara Remover which is my favorite makeup remover. I use this to remove all makeup on my whole face. It’s super affordable at Php199. I wipe my face with wet wipes after this just to remove that oily feeling. It also leaves my skin so soft.

I am really on a roll when it comes to finishing products. I hope to finish more soon so that I can go shopping again!

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