Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watsons and ELF Haul

MB needed a few things from Watsons so I took the opportunity to “save”. I still have a few Php50 coupons so I got a few Watsons brand items. That was the first purchase which is not pictured here. In the first purchase, I saved about Phph119.50. He forgot something so we came back. Seeing as he was buying another Watsons item, I added a few more to make the total Php300 so that I could use another coupon. For the second transaction, I saved 90 pesos so that’s a Php210 total savings today!

watsons and elf haul, bitsandtreats

I got the Watsons Foot Ease Refreshing Foot Spray and the Watsons Stretch Mark Minimizer. The others are just wet tissues and hand soaps. By the way, the foot spray was on sale that’s why I had an extra savings of 20 pesos.

MB is attending a wedding today so I asked him to drop me off at Landmark to check out the cosmetics sale. I tried, I really tried but I ended up buying 6 items from ELF! Good thing they were on sale at 10% off. I got 2 Luscious Liquid Lipsticks, the High Definition Undereye Setting Powder,  the Eyelid Primer, the Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter and the Cover Everything Concealer. All items were marked down except for the Cover Everything Concealer. I don’t know if this is included in the sale or not so I’m going back tomorrow to Landmark to check. If it’s included in the sale then I will get my Php2o back. = )

It’s good that I only buy on sale items nowadays. It makes me feel less guilty about my impulse purchases.
= ) And why is it that when I feel so stressed, I end up buying cosmetics and body care stuff? Do you experience the same thing or do you crave for something else like clothes, shoes or accessories? Leave a comment, I’d like to know!


  1. Thank you for the barrage of posts. :)

    Watsons has a stretch mark minimizer under its label, ha. Intwesting.

    I'm all for shopping as a stress reliever. Besides the kikay stuff/paper products/accessories/cat-themed stuff/clothes want to be adopted eh. So I adopt them. Hehehe.

  2. The moment I started blogging again, i realized how much I missed it.

    Yay for retail therapy! The Watsons stretchmark minimizer is promising. I've used it thrice already and so far I'm happy with it. = ) and it's cheap too!



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