Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jelly Pop

etude house jelly pop nail top coat, bitsandtreats

In one of my very old posts, I mentioned that I was looking for the perfect top coat. I know Seche Vite is at the top of the list but I didn’t want to buy an expensive top coat. That’s just me. I have nothing against Seche Vite. As a matter of fact, when I have the budget I will try it.

So my search took me to Etude House where I found this Jelly Pop Nail Top Coat. I asked the SA if they had the fast drying top coat as that seems to be the best one I’ve tried. She offered this to me instead and said that it’s their best top coat. It costs around Php200+ so I got it.

It really makes my nails glossy and gives it the appearance of jelly. You know how a gelatin gleams when hit by light? It kinda has that effect on my nails.

etude house nail polish with jelly pop top coat swatch, bitsandtreats

The photo does not give it justice. You have to see the actual swatch to appreciate it.

I can’t comment much about the lasting ability as I do a lot of typing and chores around the house so this pink manicure only lasted for a day. I’m wearing a different color now. I think if you don’t do a lot of washing, typing, etc., it will last longer.

I’ve noticed that the product is already getting thicker and that means that it’s slowly drying up. I sure hope I can at least finish 3/4 of the bottle before it completely thickens up.

This is a good product that’s reasonably priced. I think it’s a better alternative to the TFS top coat and Etude House’s regular top coats. You will only have to add 100 pesos anyway and this comes in a big bottle.

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