Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Here are my October 2012 empties:

oct 2012 pan, bitsandtreats

The only thing from the October Cosmetics collection that I was able to finish is the OPI wine red nail polish. Actually, I didn’t finish it but it needs to be disposed of already. The polish was already too thick and it was not drying up anymore on my nails. I’ve also hit pan on my Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Kit so I’m quite happy about that. I did not post it here because my Project Pan should be called Project Empties because I need to use up a product before I consider it “Panned”.

Next is the Human Heart Nature Sunflower oil. This is an okay product. I used it once on my face and I broke out. I sometimes use it when I run out of Veet oil but I make sure to remove the sunflower oil once my skin relaxes. Oh, it’s a great product to use on hair. My hair is damaged because of the Etude House Bubble Hair and I’ve been using different hair treatments so that I can have a perm again. I applied the sunflower oil to the tips of my hair and I can truly say that my hair is softer and looks a bit better now. There are also lesser split ends.

On top of the oil bottle is a lipstick from Etude House which I truly enjoyed. It’s almost the same shade as NARS Dolce Vita.

Lastly, the St. Ives Firming Lotion. This is a good lotion. My only problem with it was it took too long to finish. There are so many lotions out there to try and I can’t be tied to one. Yes, lotion is my new obsession nowadays. 

Tomorrow I will post my November Makeup Pouch so stay tuned for that.


  1. Is the sunflower oil really that wonderful on the hair? And i didn't know that about the EH bubble hair color, so sorry to hear it ruined your hair.

    Hope you can blog about the lippie soon! Sounds interesting :)

    1. the sunflower oil was good but you have to take into consideration that i'm also using other products with the oil such as Kerastase, Dove and another Etude House oil. If you like straight hair, then I'd recommend this because it straightens out my naturally wavy hair.

      Here's the review I did a few years back. This is the second tube that I finished.

      This lipstick is the same shade as the third in the photo. PK002

  2. Nice! That means there's room for new products! Hahaha



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