Thursday, October 25, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

This is another one of those products that I can’t believe I’ve only recently tried.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Golden Beige, bitsandtreats

I tend to ignore foundations especially drugstore ones because my skin is sooooo acidic that only BB creams work. Foundations from Clinique, MAC, Maybelline and Bobbi Brown have failed me in the past. Well, that is until I tried the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation.

I purchased this mainly for use on my clients. I have another bottle in Cool Beige. This one is Golden Beige. This is what I’ve been using (supposedly). Actually, it’s fortunate that I am writing this post because I found out that I have been using the wrong shade for the past few weeks. I made the mistake of mixing up shades after my wedding gig. My skin is a bit yellow and I’ve been using Cool Beige. I look ashy after a few hours of application. I thought it was due to my skin being hyper acidic. But when I looked at this photo, I realized that I’ve been using the wrong shade. Golden Beige is a bit yellow so it disappears into my skin. This is my shade.

I sometimes blend a drop of BB cream into this foundation to slow down oxidation. You will see my face really white right after makeup application but it gets darker eventually. I can apply this using my fingers or my TFS Circle Brush.

It’s surprising that I didn’t break out with this foundation on my first try. It feels a bit sticky and cakey after application but with a dab of my Paul & Joe powder foundation, that problem is solved. Also, my skin tends to become oily with this foundation especially my nose and forehead areas. I’ve also noticed the same effect on my clients.

This is affordable at less than 1,000 pesos considering that you only need a tiny amount to cover your entire face and neck area. I still prefer my BB creams and my Laura Mercier cream foundation but this does the trick for regular days in the mall, running errands or work. Since it’s the cheapest of all my foundations, this is a good everyday alternative.


  1. This shade is always out of stock here in Davao. I'm currently using Medium Beige right now but I know that my shade is actually Golden Beige. I pair this with Stila Dark Face Powder, ok naman ang effect. =)

  2. I have this in the shade nude... I usually mix this with a darker liquid foundation to get that luminous effect I wanted.

  3. Wow, you girls are really innovative and resourceful!



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