Sunday, January 6, 2013

Benefit Lemon Aid

I am busy preparing for a trip that is why there is a scarcity of posts. Anyway, I will blog tonight as much as I can to make up for lost time.

Here is Lemon Aid, part of the Confessions of a Concealaholic palette. I did not bother to make it pretty. After all, this is how most girls use their make up unless you’re OC.

benefit lemon aid, bitsandtreats

I took the photo in December. I already hit pan on this but I still have a long way to go. Lemon Aid’s texture is similar to Elianto’s eye primer. I use my fingers to apply this so that I can distribute it evenly on my lids. It has a yellow tint and it goes on yellow on my lids too. It’s yellow to help brighten the dark spots on your eyes.

If I don’t blend this properly, it creases and cakes. It does not make drugstore eyeshadow last longer although it does an okay job with the high end ones. Urban Decay shadows work best with this probably because it’s a really good eyeshadow brand. If you wear your make up in the morning, you would have to retouch after lunch.

I have another pot of Lemon Aid. That’s the full size. I will post a photo of that when I use it. This is an okay everyday primer for me. I have no complaints because it’s part of a palette.

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