Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Lippy

love and beauty lipstick, bitsandtreats

At Hyphen, it’s funny when we have new products and people ignore them. When that happens, I usually just get them for myself. No use in letting them sit there. When I do that, that’s when people start asking for them. It’s insane, I know. Take this product for example.

forever 21 love and beauty lipstick, bitsandtreats

I absolutely love the color and I don’t know why people are ignoring it. When I wore this one time at the store, some clients were asking for it. Pffttt…

love and beauty lipstick swatch, bitsandtreats

This is a good lipstick. I don’t even have lip balm underneath and see how it looks so glossy. The texture is like a combination of lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss. That’s what you get from one tube.

This is a very affordable lipstick at only around Php200. It does not last long but I don’t care. It looks very pretty and I can always re-apply.


  1. looks good. I really want to try Love and Beauty makeup. I believe they have a dupe for the Naked Palette but I don't see it any more in Forever 21. :P

    1. They had that in SM Makati mid last year. Some products in the line are great, some are not.

  2. ang ganda nga! lakas makabarbie :)



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