Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love and Beauty Grapefruit Lotion

love and beauty grapefruit lotion, bitsandtreats

It’s no secret that I love citrusy scents. That’s the reason why I got this. We had this at Hyphen but now it’s sold out.

It’s a very affordable body lotion that smells divine in my opinion. It’s non-greasy and leaves my skin smooth for a short time. I have very, very dry skin and only Aveeno works but I don’t like using Aveeno everyday as it is very heavy on the skin so I use other lotions. I just apply several times during the day to compensate.

This is my current body lotion. I have been itching to finish this tube just because I’m excited to try all the lotions and body butters that my best friends gave me for Christmas.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any allergies from this lotion considering it’s not from a well known lotion brand. It’s a good everyday lotion if you have normal skin. The scent also lingers on my skin for a long time so that’s a plus.


  1. nice play on words there: itching to finish and didn't get any allergies.

  2. it's amazing how you notice those things. haha! i didn't think anyone would notice. = )



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