Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Gifts and a Shoe Purchase

MB and I received some last minute Christmas love from our family in Singapore:

bossini and aeropostale shirts, bitsandtreats
Bossini and Aeropostale shirts

citigems charm bracelet and versace wallet, bitsandtreats
Citigems charm bracelet and Versace wallet

Thank you V and K for the gifts!

I also purchased a pair of wedges from Charles and Keith just before we went to Cebu:

charles and keith wedges, bitsandtreats

Correction, MB got this for me. He usually just lets me shop and reimburses everything when he comes home from work. Isn't that a nice setup? *evil grin*

It’s very surprising that I didn’t like anything at So Fab and wandered off to other shoe stores. I was even more amazed that Charles and Keith carried my size! A pair of shoes actually fit me! This is a really good pair as it’s comfortable and stable. The sides are adorned with gold ridges. They’re so gold that they look like reflectors, LOL! they really look pretty though. I’m hoping to find more shoes in my size in this store. At least now I have 3 stores to choose from – SM, So Fab and Charles and Keith!

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