Monday, January 14, 2013


I’m back ladies! My family and I went on a trip to Cebu last week. All we did there was eat and shop. Here are a few things I bought.

blue loafers, bitsandtreats

So Fab! was on sale at SM Cebu and I found this pair of loafers that I wanted to buy a few months back here in Manila. They ran out of my size and I was lucky to find a pair in Cebu. Unfortunately it was not on sale even though it was directly under the 10% off sign. The SA said that only a few selected items were on sale. Well, that’s false advertising for you.

so fab blue loafers, bitsandtreats

My sister saw an Etude House boutique and immediately told me. Of course I had to go inside. I bought these:

etude house princess etoinette collection, bitsandtreats

This is the Princess Etoinette collection that I’ve been dying to buy. Unfortunately, the blush line has not reached Cebu yet and when I checked Etude House here, they were out of stock already. I was also shocked at the prices of this collection. I only bought 2 things and my bill was Php1500! The clip is a GWP.

princess etoinette nail polish set and lipstick, bitsandtreats

I will post a review separately.

And we had to buy some pasalubong for everyone!

shamrock otap, bitsandtreats
shamrock goodies, bitsandtreats

Otap, rosquillos, Peanut Kisses, Dried Mangoes, etc.

shamrock ecobag, bitsandtreats

It’s great that they have ecobags at Shamrock! We also bought a few kilos of dried danggit, pusit and dilis at Taboan Market. It was a crazy trip and we definitely had fun! My mom said that we will go back soon as her shopping urges have not been satisfied. = )

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