Friday, January 25, 2013

In My Bag

It’s been a while since I made a “what’s in my bag” post. I just read a similar post in another blog and so I thought I’d blog mine too. I blog this for myself so that I can see how my stuff changes from time to time. I also like seeing what other ladies have in their bags. Some have tiny purses while some carry half their rooms (like I do). I’m trying to cut back back on the stuff that I bring but it’s really hard. Here’s the latest:

in my bag, bitsandtreats

Let’s see now. I have my two phones – one for business, one for personal. Below that is my polka dot pouch. Then I have several kinds of tissues (wet wipes, feminine wipes and facial tissues). To the right are my makeup kit, pencil case, license, card case, mints and pen. At the bottom is my shawl. I always bring a shawl as I easily get cold even during summer. I need to keep my body warm all the time to avoid getting a fibromyalgia/polymyositis attack. (Which reminds me, I need to update my shawl collection.)

The blue polka dot pouch is from Bench. I just love the cheap pouches at Bench! I buy one every time I go there. This is a double zip pouch which is great because I can separate my stuff. The pink makeup kit is Kenzo. Here’s what’s inside:

in my pouches, bitsandtreats

Inside the blue pouch are my keys, a small flashlight and whistle (which MB gave me); a comb which I got in Lucban, hair ties, a tiny hair clamp, a small bottle of Elizabeth Arden Pretty for when I forget to spritz some perfume before going out; hand sanitizer and my TBS hand cream.

I downsized my makeup kit so it now includes only my Paul & Joe compact, Kleenex oil blotting film, Bobbi Brown pot rouge, Carmex, Revlon lipstick and Aranaz mirror. I just changed makeup kits that’s why there are only a few things inside. They will probably pile up in a few days.

When I'm out for work or errands, I usually bring my Aranaz or MNG bag as they are bigger. I like to keep some snacks in such as pretzels, gummi bears, hard candies or caramel chocolates. I need to keep my sugar up when I'm on the run as I get dizzy immediately. I also have my KOR with me all the time which MB bought for me. It's getting old and soon I will need to replace it. 

The bag is my old rose purse from Charles and Keith;

charles and keith old rose purse, bitsandtreats

This is an old bag and it’s starting to chip. I’ve been looking for cheap bags at SM Parisian but they have not released a new collection yet. My bag collection is a mix of cheap and good quality bags. I stopped buying ALDO bags because the leather chips off really fast especially when not in use. Charles and Keith is better. Actually, SM Parisian is better that’s why I’ve been waiting for the new collections to be released. By the way, MB and I looked at some bags at SM last week and there’s a BOGO promo going on for Parisian bags. We were in a hurry as the mall was about to close so I wasn’t able to take a good look at the stuff on offer. You might find something you like so check it out if you’re in SM Makati.

I’d love to see what you ladies bring with you everyday in your bags. Leave a link in the comments page so that I can see!

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