Thursday, January 17, 2013

Princess Etoinette Lipstick

I’m sorry I can’t give you the exact shade of this lipstick. There are just too many serial numbers at the bottom of the tube that I can’t see the shade clearly. Plus, I’m too lazy to look for the box. It’s very easy to spot this shade in the boutique as this is the only bright lipstick in this collection (as far as I know, based on the colors presented to me).

princess etoinette lipstick, bitsandtreats

As most of you know, I got this in Cebu. I think there are only 2 shades left in the Market! Market! boutique.

etude house princess etoinette lipstick, bitsandtreats

I just love that this line has my initial. = )

Here’s a swatch on my lips. The lipbalm underneath is Maybelline Baby Lips, the lighter pink one in my collection.

etude house princess etoinette lipstick swatch, bitsandtreats

This lipstick costs Php700+. I was shocked too. I’m disappointed with the color payoff and the lasting capability. It looks really nice in the photo because the Baby Lips already gave my lips a bit of color. I have to layer the lipstick to achieve that shade. Also, the color does not last long. Just a couple of hours or so then it’s gone and I have to re-apply. It completely disappears when I eat. Now I am suffering from coughs and cold so I have to cover my mouth every now and then and that adds to the disappearance of the color on my lips.

So, if you buy this lipstick, you are actually paying for the packaging and the name. I probably won’t throw the tube away once I finish this as it will look nice on my vanity. I won’t buy another tube. I have my heart set on another lipstick collection. What’s your experience with the lippies in this line?

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  1. hi dear, why not try mary kay lippies =) im inlove with them =)



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